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Lash Lift Adhesive (Clear) 7ml

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Must know!
-Keep the nozzle clean and tightly closed
-Store at 20-25 C (do not leave in refridgerator)
-Store at 45-55% Relative Humidity (Vacuum box prefferable)
- Air, temperature, moisture and sunlight all affect the SBA.
-Shelf life: Closed - 6Mo, Opened ASAP

Keratin UP

* Safety
-Paraben Free
-Formeldahyde Free
-Latex Free
-Dye free

* Manufacturing
-GMP certified
-EU certified
-North American certified
-SGS certified

-Stable and Efficient: Less than 50 minute procedure
-Lasts longer: 8-12 weeks

Keratin UP Serum
-Supports 11+ different techniques!

SBA (Super Bonding Adhesive)

1. Super bonding
2. No irritation
3. No clumping
4. Easy to brush
5. Water removable
6. Non-Toxic