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Lash Lift Silicone ''L-curve''

SKU: siliconeLcurve
Qty: 2
12,00 €

These silicones are manufactured from a soft blend and conform to an eye perfectly without pushing up from anywhere. Glue adheres to the silicone effortlessly and is also easyer to apply onto the skin.


These silicones are designed with righ/left eye orientation. They also are designed with lash growth in mind. The inside corner of the silicones is the lowest, middle the highest and slightly down-sloped again towards the outside.

The silicone blend is more resistant to chemical pigments, so one set can be used more times than typical ones on the market.

The box contains 5 pairs in sizes SS, S , M, L, LL (one of each) and every silicone is clearly marked on the backside, denoting which eye it goes to ( (R)ight/(L)eft ).